Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Popular Filipina in Poland

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Looks like Filipinos are making a name here in Poland. One of the very successful Filipina here is Cristina Bien. She is the winner of last year's 'Szansa na Sukces', a popular program here in Poland which caters to people who has that guts and talent in singing.

Cristina Bien is not a newbie in the singing world. Before she reached Poland, she is already making a name in the Philippines and in Thailand. When she hits 'Szansa na Sukces' that marks another name for her here. She started singing in Warsaw, Poland particularly in Novotel and from then on she made appearances to some polish TV programs.

Appearance of Cristina that made her to compete for the finals.

and her winning piece during the finals of Szansa na Sukces.

She was one of the stars who dances on the ice too. The show in polish is 'Gwiazdy tańcą na lodzie'. But she never make it to the finals coz of broken rib problem during rehearsals. First time to dance on ice actually.

Who'll be the next?

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