Monday, May 26, 2008

Dzień Matki (Mother's day) in Poland today

Monday, May 26, 2008
Today it's Mother's day (Dzień Matki) in Poland. Celebrated every 26th of May. Froom what I've read, the first mother's day in Poland took place in 1923 in Krakow, but this feast is not that popular till world war II. During the war, It was the Germans occupants enforced to celebrate this day here in Silesia as Muttertag ( German word for mother's day), where I am presently situated.

Mother's day here is usually commemorated in schools. Usually there are activities for mother and children. Younger children usually prepared "laurki" for their mothers (Laurka - a special sheet of paper decorated with flowers). That's what my friends are telling me here who are moms too. I have not receive laurki yet but in time. It must be exciting and heartwarming.

My realization:

I'm not a good mom nor a perfect one. I am still learning how to become one. Everyday is a never ending learning. It's a continuous process. There are some aspects of my mom & my mom-in-law that i admire. Of course, they're proven and tested by time.

Being a mother is what i feared the most before. But it takes courage and determination. No such school will teach us to be good one. Everything just kicks in. Now, that I am a mom, I truly understand what & how it is to be a mom. It's not easy yet worth the effort.

To all mother's, I salute you all. Happy mother's day!
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