Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Let's talk about my pregnancy

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Do you know how hard it is to be pregnant? It boils me to death sometimes. My mood swings, food cravings and the likes. Sometimes, i could'nt hardly understand myself. If it is me or i was possess by some devilish creatures. lol! Anyhow, i tend to manage everything. Lately, been so lazy to do things in the house even fixing myself. I would not even want to look myself in the mirror coz I think im too old and too ugly. wahahha! That is true! Seriously I am feeling that way most of the time. Though I am trying to avoid such negative feeling for it is not pleasant. As much I have to possess a positive the best way i can. But how? Small things irritates me. Like small clutter, chores undone, saggy hair, growing bulging tummy, not curvaceous body and foods that can't satisfy me. Hahaay!

You see I am on my 14 weeks of pregnancy. Yesterday I went to my OB for check-up. Everything is ok with my growing little plum inside me except that I am not gaing some weights. Makes me worry i tell you. The last visit, I am on my 54.7 kgs. now only 54.4 kgs. Toink! I should be gaining 4 more kgs from last time. It was pathetic. I ate, but where are all the food goes? My Doc is asking me if i do eat from time to time. Of course i do! not to mention rice + viand either meat loaded with veges plus fruits. No chips since i am not a junkfood eater. I must do something. Maybe the last first trimester is giving me a hard time. Stupid nausea and fatigue. I am on my second trimester maybe this time I'll gain a lot of weights for the growing little plum.

Yesterday, I heard little plum's heartbeat as if swimming in my tummy. What a wonderful feeling. Makes me more excited to see little plum soon. Next visit maybe we will know if little plum is a boy or a girl. I am hoping for a boy. I could feel it. And jokingly tells G that I will named the baby "JUAN CARLO" in Filipino or "JAN ( yan) KAROL" in polish. Sorry, but i could not think of a girl's name coz my motherly instinct says little plum would be a boy. hehehe! Wish me luck, but I think so just like last time with Izabela. Most of the time I am dreaming of a little boy with a blonde hair and blue eyes like G. Hope dreams doesn't mean the other way around.

That is all for now folks. Wish me all the best in my pregnancy.

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