Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why I'm not blogging?

Thursday, September 18, 2008
You see , I am not progressive for the past months. My site is getting more boring and for sure I lost most of my readers. I tell you, it is not that concerns me, having thousands of traffic in here. What I am more into is i get to express what I have in mind and what i could only share in living a life far from home. That's all! I don't pressure myself much for whatever this blogging world could offer.

Anyhoo, so many things just taken place, sometimes I need my minds to extract some creative juices so as to write something inspirational and healthy. As much, i am maintaining a positive aura in my blogs to possess a positive outlook in life all the time. You all know why i'm such a lazy blogger for the past months (blame my pregnancy!). True! I am so idiot when it comes to thinking at this time. All i have in mind is to eat! But that is how my hormones dictates me at this time. I could not even drag my butt to sit infront of pc, for me it's the heaviest thing to do...typing, thinking and writing. I'd rather spend my time sleeping, playing with my little girl and eating. That is it! Now, you know why i'm not blogging. Nevertheless, here i am trying to engrave something for the sake of exercising my mind. Oh yeah! i believe blogging is way of exercising your brain cells especially if your out of school for sometime now. And here you go, reading mine blog today. What'd yah think?

So far that is all i can think of......

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