Monday, November 03, 2008

Of blogging

Monday, November 03, 2008
There is always good side in blogging, you get to have diversions in everything. I started blogging way back then, just when the internet is starting. There is this site that I am affliated with and I get to blog there. But this site is no longer existing. I do not know why.

There is some part of me in blogging that relieves me especially that I am living far from home , starting my own family, a novice mom and learning to manage the household. Eventually, I learned about paid blogging from fellow bloggers. Oh whew! who will not get excited with that. You blog and you will be paid. So I tried it out and join in some sites. With my busy life as a mom, I was not able to update and accept some of the opportunities. Of course, I have to prioritize things and takes care of my little girl. I might lost some opportunities to get paid but I don't want to miss every single moments with my little darling. I can blog during my spare time but then sometimes I want to just rest and do some other stuff. Nevertheless, I am trying my luck again to be back in paid blogging and blogging regularly about living life in Poland and being a mom to Izabela and hopefully two another little girl.

You read it right!I will be expecting another baby soon. Hopefully, my doctor said that it will be another girl. If you just knew how excited I am. Though, i was hoping for a baby boy this time. The best thing is, the baby would be healthy and I would be doing well with my pregnancy. I hope i could get to blog regularly this time. I do miz some of my blogger friends and doing some blog hopping. My time limits me sometimes.

Welcome me back!

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