Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Make a wish, wish wish this christmas!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008
We all love christmas, don't you? It's one season of the year where I am so high. High in spirits of happiness and love. I always felt being loved and really belong in the world. Ayayay! really true!

There is something about this season that makes you feel like it will never end. That we are wishing, everyday will just be christmas day. One reason, because we get to receive cutie loving gifts from loved ones..we are all wishing for that every christmas. Even though I don't want to expect anything still honestly, I also have the feeling of wanting to be given something I really would like having. This year I'd like to have this stuffs......

A good nice winter coat. To warm me up when I am out of home.

Spunky winter coat - and wig

A new good working laptop that could kill my time. hehehhe!

Late night

Mineral make up set. You know, I am exactly curious about this mineral make up thing. As much as possible, I am trying to divulge on putting healthy stuffs in my face to look more good and feel good. Yay!

79 of 354: black/pink

Huge bag. Where I can put all necessary stuffs.You know being a mother changes exactly what are you putting inside your bag. Before, mostly girly thing now mostly baby things.

Red Bag and Black Berry

More love and peace in the family and in the whole wide world. This is the best wish I always prayed for every year.

*Love and Peace*

And most of all, a healthy pregnancy and birthing for me.

The best thing to think about, never expect something in return. Just give little things you can afford & your honest love. For sure, everything you wish for will be given back to you unexpectedly a hundred fold.


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