Friday, December 05, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Friday, December 05, 2008
Oh my it's Friday. Love it!

Tomorrow is Dzien Swiętego Mikołaja (St. Nicolas day or Santa Clause day )here. Every children here awaiting this special day hoping to get gifts from Santa Claus. We will be playing Santa Claus to our little girl Izabela tomorrow. So tonight when she's sleeping, we will sneak our gifts for her. Exciting!

Exactly, Polish christmas holidays kicks-off with this occasion.

St. Nicolas has arrived...

More info here:

In Poland, St. Nicholas -- Swieto Mikolaj -- is a saintly, dignified figure. He comes as a bishop in bright vestments, carrying a golden crozier that resembles a shepherd's crook, symbolizing, like shepherds with sheep, that the religious tend their flock of people. (Did you know candy canes originated as a symbol of a crozier? That's one story anyway.)

Descending from heaven with an angel helper, St. Nicholas travels on foot, on horseback or in a sleigh pulled by a white horse as he visits homes in the countryside.

Children are tested on their catechism and rewarded with chocolate-glazed, heart-shaped pierniczki or honey-spice cookies in the shape of St. Nicholas.

On Christmas Eve, children eagerly await the end of the wigilia supper so they can unwrap their presents and discover if they have received what they requested in letters to St. Nicholas.

That would be St. Nicolas day in Poland. Can't wait to see Izabela's reaction when she will be unwrapping her gifts from Santa. Prior to that, I kept on telling her stories about Santa Claus. That if she's naughty, Santa will not come and she will not have gifts. But if she is nice, she will receive loads of gifts from Santa :-) And she is looking forward for tomorrow. She truly understands.

I love the innocence of a child and it is nice to be a child again.

Hoo hoo hoo! Merry Christmas!

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