Thursday, January 29, 2009

All is well with Izabela

Thursday, January 29, 2009
The past weeks and days were such a whirlwind experience for me. I couldn't sleep and eat that much knowing my child is sick and in the hospital. This is one of the many things that we need hurdle in our young married life. We have no other people to hold on to here only me and hubby. Sometimes, I felt so stupid about myself knowing I can't do anything or was not able to prevent things to happen. Partly, I blamed myself for Iza's sickness. That i think i've done something wrong in taking care of her like the food she's lately eating and other stuffs. I know that everything can be prevented. I learned my lessons well. I have to be more careful next time.... be very careful. Though, there are really moments that you can't help it. Everything will just turn out not right.

I am wearing a happy smile in my face now. Everything is well with Izabela. She can now eat, play and talks a lot. Her appetite is going back to normal and her at her normal self. Though tomorrow, we still have to take her to the hospital for her USG. I do not know why. Maybe they will just check if her stomach is functioning normally now. I think it is better.

Actually, we made the decision last Monday to take her home. The fact that nobody can take over my hubby in the hospital. I can't be in the hospital due to my present condition -pregnancy. So, it has to be hubby to be there all the time. He has no sleep, enough rest and eating. So, we asked the doctor to take her home and continue the medication at home. And so her doctor approved and give us clearance since that Monday she's better. So, we were given special diet for her.

Iza's diet these days:

- No milk only SINLAC ( a cereal made of rice flour, bread flour and others with no gluten)
- boiled potato, carrots and apples
- banana - it should be mashed
- lactobaby a probiotic and prebiotic powder to be added on her food
- glucose to be added on her tea or drinks like water no juice since juice contains sweets or sugar

She's been eating such things these days. Though, we have hard time convincing her to drink that SINLAC. I do not know if she doesn't like the taste or that she just wants her milk. Milk would be given slowly on her diet since her stomach is not ready to accept such at this time.

We were glad, so glad that she's home and now doing very well. Thank's blogger friends for your concerns regarding the Izabela's condition. Your prayer really helps.

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