Thursday, January 29, 2009

A tag from PAT: Cute Blogger Award Tag

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Hi Pat! here's my tag. Thank's for tagging me.


1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.

My 10 Random facts/habits :

1 . I have a trauma in driving and I do not know if I will ever learn driving again.
2. I'm very emotional especially when it comes to my child and family.

3. I'm a night person. I can stay awake the whole night. That means, I can't wake up early too.

4 . I love to eat bananas paired with ketchup. I just give justice to the famous word banana ketchup in the Philippines. lol! I don't know, i like to put ketchup all over my banana and most of my friends find me super weird.

5. I like to sleep in the edge of the bed. That makes G worried everytime I sleep in bed coz i might fall down. I am such an acrobat sometimes so i know how to flip over when i think i'm falling. hehehe!

6. I wash my face with only one hands.That's another fact that i don't know till G told me so. They say most people wash their face using their two hands but me? with only one hand. I didn't know about that until G told me one morning. He find it so unusual for one to wash with one hand. He only saw it in me.

7. I am a chocolate addict. I admit that. That one thing I can't get away with ...sweets and lots of chocolates. Though I am trying my best not to include that in my list of things to buy. In any, flavorings from ice cream to cakes...i will go for chocolate flavor. I just love sweets and that makes me sweet too. Heheh! One friend asked me why i didn't gain so much weight when in fact I am a chocolate lover, maybe because I am not a meat eater too.

8. I am a frustrated artist. I have so much passion in the field of arts from painting to photography. That i regret why I did not pursue a degree in the field of arts. Though, i love psychology as well but moreover my passion is in the field of arts. I can think more and i can be more of myself when I am doing something out of my hands. The creative side of me kicks in that easy. How is that? i think it is not too late. I am glad now that I am not working, some hobbies I can't do before due to lots of workloads, I am able to do this time from designing our nook up to making some fancy work of arts (I'll post some next time).

9. I still dream to be a world renown chef. It's true! Call me dreamer or ambitious, I'll accept that. They say if you dream, dream big and high! it is the only free thing in these world. For now, I am a private chef of my dear hubby G. So far so good...i am into experimental recipe too.

10. I am so timid. I easily gets nervous when i ask to perform on somethings.Maybe that's why I am a late bloomer, and it wasn't until i went to university that my talents became apparent. and my work before demands me to face and talk with people so it honed more my confidence.

Now I'm tagging faye, chris and ummirosma.

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