Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's grandparent's day today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Grandparent's day today here in Poland. Actually, January 21st is Dzien Babci (grandmother's day) and 22nd of January is Dzien Dziadka (grandfather's day). Polish grandparent's day is a family events to honor grandparents with special celebrations.

Yesterday, we made grandparent's cake with Izabela. She had fun eating the icing while I am still doing the decorating thing. Today, we will be sharing it with the whole family. It would just be a simple celebration over a cake, cookies, tea and coffee.

To Babcia and Dziadek:

Z okazji Dnia Babci/Dziadka życzenia zdrowia, pomyślności oraz pogody ducha na co dzień przesyła

- Izabela

"who with wisdom and pride are always offering love and kindness, and who are always there to guide; who often make you feel so confident and strong; whose arms are always open no matter what you did wrong; who try to help out in every way they can; who love all their grandchildren the same whether you're a child, woman or man; who are always there to listen and to lend a helping hand; who show you respect and who try to understand".

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