Sunday, January 25, 2009

Izabela is sick

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I do not know how to start, what to say and what to blog about. All I know is that my physical body is tired, weak and wanting to rest. But I must keep going and be brave enough to face this challenges of motherhood.

What happen was that....

It all started last Thursday night. My daughter Izabela suddenly woke up from a deep sleep and started vomiting like crazy. We were happily celebrating grandparents day two days in a row, first babcia's (grandmother's) day and dziadek (grandfather's), that we don't understand what exactly is happening to her. We were afraid then that her stomach not able to digest the food she was eating or she got poisoined from the food shes was eating that day like cakes and the little kiełbasa (hotdog) we gave her. That we spent the whole night guarding her coz it seems the vomit never stops until at around dawn she was able to sleep.

The next morning Friday- it was getting worst not only vomit but with a little diarrhea. So we had her checked to her Pediatrician that mid morning. We were given some prescription and guides as to the only food & drinks she can only take. She had to drink water from time to time, apple juice but pure apple juice not concentrated with sugar, ORS-200 (oral rehydration solution) with kleik marchiwowy-ryzowe (boiled carrots and rice on it) and of course her formula milk. As to the food, she can only take boiled or steamed carrots, potato, boiled apple and banana with 1 sachet of Lactobaby (prebiotic + probiotic concentrate) on it. And if she vomit, we have to give her some half of the pill of anti vomiting pill to be diluted to a spoon of water (i forgot the name of it). The hard part is, she doesn't want to take any of those things not even her milk which is her favorite drinks. She doesn't like to take anything. We have to do something to let the fluid gets into her mouth like putting it in a tuber so she can consume something. Then, sever diarrhea takes place with vomiting. The whole agony of Izabela just started.

That the next day Saturday, the diarrhea is no stopping at all. Only interval of some minutes it will just flow like water. We are still hoping she will be fell alright in the afternoon and that the diarrhea will subsibe. But we keep in mind, to let her take anything liquid like tea and water after everytime she poops so she will not get dehydrated. Then there's no relieved, that very day high fever takes place as well. Her temperature goes higher and higher like 40.3 degrees celcius plus the diarrhea. Anyway, we called her doctor and ask for advice and advice us to rush her to the hospital for proper treatment because it might be the virus of flu. A well known virus at this time of winter. It is harmful to anybody of all ages.

It was crazy. When we reached at the pediatric ward of the hospital, there were already many patients. Children of all ages. Good thing that, we were asked what is the problem with Izabela and so they entertain us ahead coz it is really obvious that Iza is too weak already. They had her blood checked after some minutes we got the results and so that's it...we were asked to let her stay in the hospital for proper observation and treatment. Still diarrhea, vomitting and high fever takes its place. I felt like my whole heart was crushed upon seeing my daughter suffering to such illness. It is hard for a child as small as her age she has to undergo such pains. She just always asked us to carry or hug her tight since she always point at her stomach that it is painful, especially if that stupid diarrhea strikes. She lost a lot of weight from i think she was 12 kilos down to 10 kilos. It is so obvious at her face, eyes and neck that she losed a lot of weight.

And so she is now in the hospital. She was admitted early evening yesterday, Saturday. It is better for her to stay there for proper treatment. So far she is better today. She started to eat a little banana, boiled potato and carrots and drank kleik ryzowe supplied by the hospital not her usual formula milk. She is still not allowed to drink it nor allowed to drink apple juice especially the commercialized one for it is usually sweets and might destroy her teeth eventually. Today, she started playing, smiling and talking like she used to.

What just broke my heart is seeing her suffering and not knowing what to do and happened to her and especially not to be with her for longer time there for I am pregnant and I might get the virus on which I truly understand. So, it has to be hubby who can only be with her all the time especially at night. Exactly, it is hard to live away from family. In times like these, nobody can help you nor we can ask for help. Good that we have some good friends who are very helpful. Who stood by us in crisis like this. Who are willing to give a little of their time to help us in a litte way they can. I was wishing that my family is nearby but they are too far from me.

This is just one of the many crisis of married life especially me being a mom and living as a forieigner in a country where language is my greatest barrier. We have to surpass all these with flying colors. This is not the end but only the test us how sweet really life is.

If your a mom and a parent, you can exactly relate to what I am feeling at this time.

So please help us pray that the Izabela you used to see in the pics who's so jolly and active will have her fast recovery soon and that we will always have the strength to face such challenges.

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