Sunday, January 11, 2009

The latest of Me

Sunday, January 11, 2009
There are overwhelming demands for more posts on my life, I decided to give in and write little as I can to update everyone. However, you have to realize that majority of my life from Mondays to Sunday, 24/7 is very demanding and mundane. So that is why you will probably be reading a few posts about a lot of little events of my life. With that, I promise to do some catch up again, and I'll write about the latest of my pregnancy and my little darling Izabela. OK?

With my pregnancy, I have to go walking and do more stretching to work out my body with the growing tummy. Yeah, my tummy is that big now like a watermelon. In some aspects, I love how it grows but on the other side, I hate it 'coz it demands me to do less things in the house. It makes me tired easily. And wondering how to make it smaller after pregnancy. There goes my being vain again.

I think I am on my 31st week of pregnancy (not sure huh). From first weeks, everything is working fine except for some infections, which I don't like because It has to be treated with some medications. You know, I am that hesitant to take some medicines. I am too careful with my pregnancy. I am afraid that my growing fetus might be affected by the chemicals I am taking. But, I think I just have to trust my Doctor.

At this times, my baby looks like having fun playing football inside my tummy. I could feel most of the time now her kicks, turns and maybe dancing (lol). Exactly, I am that excited to see her in person. Can't wait! I just had a chat with Lei ( pretty preggy as well), about how we been with our pregnancy and how we are both excited to see our new gifts. Cge lang mam, gamay nalang kuwang makaluwas nata and we get to hug our little darlings. Most of our conversations, are just about that. We are really that excited.

Yesterday, we had Izabela's sprained feet checked in the hospital. It is her last day to wear that cemented leg (i don't know what's the term). Actually, Iza's left foot was injured two weeks ago. It is just a minor injury. A sprain that we had to rush her to the hospital the same snowy night coz it swells and reddish in color and she is crying in pain. So they had it x-rayed and put some cement on it to immobilize the area. All that two weeks of having those I think heavy cemented foot plus she can't walk makes her so sad. She can't play around and do things around. That's what she got exactly for being so restless all the time from running to climbing anywhere. That's how active Izabela is now. So yesterday, we are kind of relieved coz we don't need to carry her all the time, stimulate her all the time just let her feel well and happy just by lying and sitting. And we took some walk yesterday outside since it snowed so pretty. We had her put in sleigh and pull her all around. She love it while catching snow. The funny thing is she sleeped on her sleigh before reaching home. So cute to look at her sleeping..tired but happy.

Walking when it snowing was absolutely enjoyable. I need it for my pregnancy as sort of exercise and for Iza to sleep well and for good appetite. For you know, I think she is becoming a picky eater nowadays. I am afraid that eventually she might just throw all food I will give to her. Lately, she is showing signs of being picky. Maybe because she is teething too.

And I am trying to catch some energy and strength since the holidays left me with more sleepless nights and bloating from eating holiday foods. That demands me to really work my body out. I have to keep going now...

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