Friday, February 27, 2009

Mommy Moments: Bonding Time

Friday, February 27, 2009
mommy moments
Thank God it's Friday and time for MOMMY MOMENTS! Today's theme is BONDING TIME.

There's been some Fridays that I was not able to join because of this pregnancy and waiting to give birth so soon (hopefully by next week). Anyhow, I am back with more pics this time.

One of our bonding moments with my Izabela is walking outside the house or infront of the garden during summer. She loves to pick flowers and give it to me or to her tata ( polish word for daddy).

Or just spend some hours and take a walk in the park. This picture was taken last Autumn.

Mostly, if the weather is not that fine and especially during winter, we are just at home with Izabela. Playing with her, singing, dancing, reading books and doing some arty stuff.
This was taken when she was just some months old. I think 6 months (not sure uh).

Last Christmas eve.

And there is no great bonding moments than just being together. Holding, hugging and being with each other... Like this picture.

We have lots of bonding time pictures with Izabela but I could not find most of them now since hubby is cleaning the computer and transfering most of the files in the other computer.

Bonding time with your kids is really an essential tool to keep that feeling of love, security and belongingness to each one. We should spend quality time with our kiddos even how busy life can be. We should not give excuses.

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