Friday, February 06, 2009

Mommy Moments: Preggy Days

Friday, February 06, 2009
mommy moments

It's Friday! Time for mommy moments. This Friday's theme is about preggy days. I have a lots of captured moments during my preggy days with Izabela and now my present pregnancy.

Here are some of my captured preggy moments...

My first pregnancy were actually filled with emotions maybe because I still do not know what to expect then and fears overpowers me all the time. That is why we enrolled with hubby in school of giving birth of birth class so we will know what to expect and what to do with the baby.

During my second trimester, I was so sick that my doctors advised me to be admitted in the hospital but I refused and just wanting to have home treatment in which they approved. I have to take some antibiotics because i have that UTI as well.

Izabela didn't come out on time so I have to be in induced labor plus it is so hard for me to dilate. They had to make some injections thrice at my butt so I will have contractionsf Moreover, I have bloody discharge which makes it more painful for my birthing. Good that the hospital where I gave birth (where I also had my birth class) really assist me and makes it easy for me. After i gave birth to Izabela I suffered Anemia which is no longer new to me eversince I am anemic. Nevertheless, it was totally a safe pregnancy and unforgettable birthing.

And my present far, I am doing good with the second pregnancy.
Can't actually wait to see our little darling soon.

Being pregnant is one of the best thing that would happen to every woman. It will completes you.

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