Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ready for birthing

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Sorry for not posting much these past days, it is all because of my pregnancy. I am in the stage of waiting to give birth and that is so soon. Last week my Doc told me I might give birth in 10 days so we are so much excited, that calls for me to be more careful and take much needed rest before little darling comes out. Plus, I am taking antibiotics for my urine infection again and pills for my anemia. Yes! anemia strikes back again (sigh), that is why I have to take more rest....and sleep, sleep, sleep!

Absolutely, I am tired as my tummy is really that heavy now. We were expecting this week or next week for my birthing. It would be so soon though my due date would be on March 13 but my Doc said the baby is healthy, in good position ready for birthing, placenta is matured enough and everything goes well with me. But need to treat the infection again and take doze of rest. Minor contractions also takes place from time to time though it is still irregular. Hopefully next week or so we will meet my little darling.

With my enthusiasm and excitement to hold my little darling so soon, everything is set and ready to go!

These are the things I am preparing to bring for hospital:

1. Shirt for breastfeeding mom - 2 pcs.
2. bra for breastfeeding mom - 1 pc.
3. Breast pads - 1 pack
4. Maternity diaper - 2 boxes
5. Shower slipper - 1 pair
6. Warm socks - feet get cold during labor as blood leaves the extremities to go work elsewhere. Besides it is still winter here.
7. Housecoat
8. Thermometer
9. Razor
10. Toilet paper - i think it is better to bring your own you will be more comfortable.
11. Bottle of water
12. lip balm
13. hygienic tissue
14. Toiletries
15. Bath towel
16. Disposable panty
17. camera, charger, mobile phone, videos and other things that would pass away time during labor or will entertain you during labor or when your in the hospital.
18. roomy, comfortable clothing for me when I returns home.

For my baby:

1. Nappy cream - I am using here SUDOKREM (love it)
2. Tissue with moisturizer or wet wipes
3. Diapers for new born baby - though some hospitals provides diapers for baby but i prefer to bring.
4. First clothes for baby for the homecoming - at least one set ( rompers, jumpsuit, socks, jacket, hat)

So see, I am very much ready for my birthing. That would be so soon..yayy!

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