Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Blogging is my least priority right now because of my recent birthing. The two children is really my priority at this time. Other than that, i don't feel like writing :-(

Maybe because....

> I do not have enough sleep and rest so that makes me tired.

> Children eats most of my time.

> When I have extra time, i'd rather sleep or treat myself with a good bath.

> I am back to reading. There's a lot of books that is in the shelves and in my list for me to pick up and read. Reading really relaxes me.

> Recently, I am addicted to Facebook and that's where I spent my extra time to chat or that answering quizzes and commenting to friends. I do not know what's with facebook but really i am having fun time there. So, that's replaced my blogging addiction.

> Moreover, I just don't feel like blogging. I would supposed to be blogging a lot about what is here in Poland and how it is to live a Polish life. But then again, most of my life right now is spent at home taking care of my little darlings. When I have really nice things to blog about in here ,oh well, I would surely share. Right at this time, it is more with my musings and ramblings as a mom. Nevertheless, I am loving every bits of my motherhood career.

Hope to be blogging really nice one next time.

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