Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Communion decorating

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
My Polish bestest friend's son just received first communion two Sunday's ago. Prior to that day, there's huge preparation especially that the party would be just held at their home. I volunteered to hep in a little way i can like house decorating. So, I planned what to do and decorate. I tried to find inspiration since I haven't design a party like as serious as first communion for me its kind of formal and wholesome. Plus, i have to stick to one theme and color. So i tried to find some inspiration in the net though I have one idea in mind.

first inspiration I found is this...

and my very own design..

We stick to two colors, gold and white. Picture was taken at our home prior to transporting it to my friend's house.

Second inspiration is this....

My own version of that edible centerpiece is different since I couldn't find a styrocone here so I stick to all fruits and vegetable design. In which they all love. I took a pic but still in the other cam needed downloading. share it next time though.

So, I think I didn't get over with the design. Just a simple piece and something I can do at home with my kids. Hopefully, I'll be decorating and making a different one this time at my son's christening and that's going to be soon. Keep you posted anyway.

By the way, first communion here really calls for great celebration like a wedding feast. I like the Polish way of celebrating it with the child. They really welcome the child in the christian world. And when you say celebrating as in really huge celebration from child's hairdo, dress to wear, gifts and party and also that makes others exaggerate it.

Here's a pic of us congratulating my friend's son right after the ceremony...

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