Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Loving my career

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
When was the last time i was here in my little blogworld?

It would really take me time to update and post sometime in here due to my busy career as a mom. Yes! mommyhood is a very demanding career. It makes you ugly, frustrated and tired all at the same time. I do feel ugly sometimes but it is all in my head actually. Inspite of my demanding job as a mom I still try to compose myself, as much as possible look presentable enough.

Lately, somethings bothers me. Not that alarming or frightening but it just makes me shrug my shoulder and say 'this is it!'. It bothers me because I maybe too concern or exaggerating. Whatever is the ending, at least I know where I stand in such situation.

With my children, they are growing so fast.

My eldest Izabela growing up each day getting smarter and more clever.

Oh la lah!

It pisses me off sometimes. I admit it. I lose my temper easily and testing my patience at times. That's what I kept on praying everyday to give me more patience and stamina to understand an active toddler like Izabela. Despite her stubborness (or im just stubborn enough to understand her as a child)at times, I always makes her feel and express to her how much I love her. She reciprocates it by saying

'I YAB YOU Mama! Isn't it cute? It makes my heart melts.


With my little boy Jan, He's 7 weeks old now. He grew so fast. That the last doctor's visit, he weighs 6.300kilogram. Really amazes me. He is overweight at his age. But i will not wonder anymore since he doesn't like to stop drinking my milk. Yes, I am purely breastfeeding him. That is why. I have to control my breastfeeding sessions and insist on giving him a pacifier to soothe him instead of my breast.

Sleeping time is way too good nowadays. Since Jan sleeps straight now like 7-8 hours. That is really great! That means, I get to sleep straight too. After long months of sleep deprived, I felt rejuvenated and born again. Hahahah! :-D Really makes me so happy to get enough sleep nowadays. Next step to work on, more time with hubby without children around. We get to talk about us and anything when children are asleep. That's sad, but that is life. But , i make it a point to remind my man how much I love him. I think that's the best thing I can do for now since most of my time is with my little boy and with my little girl.

Moreover, life is wonderful here. I love the warm season of spring and going summer and loving my career as a mom.

How about you? what makes u busy these days? what's makes you happy?

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