Friday, July 31, 2009

Mommy Moments: Look at that Mess

Friday, July 31, 2009
mommy moments

Before we'll hit the road for our summer get away, i'd like to share some messy pictures of my daughter, Iza.

We usually put something on her front body so she will not be that messy like the one in the picture. I put her white cloth on since it was taken last Christmas dinner. She's eating opłatek (opwatek) there, a host like wafer shared to everyone during Polish traditional christmas dinner.
So that cloth could somehow take the mess out of her clothes and it would just be on the cloth.

hey! they are still a child. They still do not know what is organization means. So, it is one way for them to know and learn how to solve problems eventually. Even if the room I usually placed them during the day really horribly messy, I do not care as long as Izabela is enjoying. Anyways by the end of the day before bath time, we always taught and told her to put all her toys in the box and things on its proper places. Now that she's two years old, she knows where to place and get her things either toys, books & just anything she has.

but it is really cut to see them getting messy:D

Thank God it's Friday! and thank's to Mommy Chris for this Mommy Moments.

Join us next week here at Mommy Momments.

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