Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Way to go!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
There's a lot of catching up in here. Been extremely busy the past days. My responsibility as a mom is always on top all the time.

Last weeks, is such a wonderful milestone for Baby Jan. He can now turn going to his belly and can roll over twice or three times on the bed, that we need to be careful of. We can't leave him unattended most of the time.

Recently, he is showing signs that he's ready for solid foods. So today, I gave him his first taste of solids. It is dry cereals with some breastmilk on it. So far he likes it. For now, we will be off for 1 teaspoon and gradualy increase it in some days.

It is so exciting to share this wondeful milestones of my child's life.

Last Saturday, we celebrated my daughter's second birthday at home. We opted to prepare everything this time. I made the birthday cake with some cupcakes on the side, and my mom-in-law made other cakes too. Our little girl were having so much fun. She is one happy little girl on that day. Now that she is two girls old. She is showing some wonderful signs too that sometimes she wanted indepence like playing on her own, talking, asking and repeating the same questions most of the time. Sometimes it is so tiring, but that's her way of discovering and knowing things.


Lately, we are reminded by hubby that our children are growing so fast. That we will miss this stage of their life where they are still so dependent on us and wanting as more often. That at this time, we have to enjoy our time with them because when they reach the stage of adolescence, they want to be on their own world.

This week, I am kind of busy (again!). We're off for a vacation. We will be out of home for some days or weeks. So, since Monday I am preparing the house and the kids stuff. You know that it is horrible to go on a vacation with kids around. So as much things we can take for children, we will be taking it. it doesn't matter how many days we are out but it is important that evrything is set and ready for the kids, especialy that they will be on a new place, new environment. As much as possible, we would want them to feel just like we are at home. So be bringing their security things... things that makes them comfortable and at ease.

For today, i m still preparing.

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