Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How I wish

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
I do not know what to say and how to begin.....

I know i miss a lot of things here. Nevertheless, I am checking from time to time, just that my time and energy couldn't blog that much due to my very demanding career as a mom. Most of my time is with my two children and taking care of the household. Anyways, yeah! i do not know what to blog about today exactly so many things running into my mind. What is really into mind now is the recent tragedy in the Philippines. Awhile back, i watched the news there. The plight of the victims and the aftermath of the typhoon are really horrible. It was one of the worst and tragic experienced of the Filipinos. Rich and poor alike are not spared.

All I can do now is to wish.........(sigh)

How I wish I am there to help and volunteer but then I am way too far. All I can do is to share little things that we have and pray for the quick recovery of the victims.

How I wish I have a supernatural power to put back everything that was lost.

How I wish I am as rich as Bill Gates so i could share and donate a lot.

How I wish I have the power to heal the hearts of those who still in trauma.

How I wish, how I wish......

That is all I can do is to wish.

But I am lifting all these wishes up there in heaven so God will spare more blessings back to my homeland -Philippines.

For sure peace and love will prevail always in our hearts especially at this time of crisis.

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My highschool batchmates back home in Cebu are putting up a fund raising drive to help the typhoon Ondoy victims. We are hoping for positive feedback and results. Hope everyone will cooperate. Let's help! Let's do this Filipinos! God bless us all Filipinos.

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