Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year-end blog

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Only few minutes more 2009 will about to end. Before it ends let me have my last blog for the year.......actually what 2009 brings to me. hmmm, i could say a grand!

First and foremost, the first months of 2009 I gave birth to my second child this time a boy.

Second, my daughter Izabela turned a year older and becoming more active and jolly little girl. A proud ate. She adores her baby brother so much.

Third, I am still truely blessed with a wonderful husband. Till now he never fails me with our promises..oh not only I am blessed, he is also well blessed having me. Heheheh!

Fourth, having and being with a wonderful family.

Fifth, having fantastic friend whom I can lean on through thick and thin. I do not need to mention them. God knows who they are.

6th, that until now I am still alive and kicking at the tender age of 3-1. And that everyday I am trying to be perfect with my being a mom, wife, daughter and a friend.

7th, running this blogsite until this year and so blessed to have met such wonderful blogger friends. We may not given a chance to see each other personally but we share our thoughts and opinions tru our blogs.

8th, inspite of the recent economic crisis, still I can still able to enjoy and afford the things I needed. We still hve enough finances to sustain our needs.

9th, My children are perfectly healthy and that me and my husband too are doing real fine.

10th, That life after all these years are all doing well inspite of the odds sometimes. God had blessed us enough resources to use and share to everyone.

All those are things highlights my 2009. It may not be that materially grand and yet I think those are essential things in life that I really enjoy, simple things yet a big deal for me.

In conclusion, 2009 really made me up more as a person.

Goodbye 2009 and I am embracing the new year with full of hope and trust.

Happy new year everyone!

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