Saturday, December 04, 2010


Saturday, December 04, 2010
It is officially winter now here in our place :-( that means i have limited time going outdoors. It snowed for some days except today. I used to love winter and snow but then now I came to hate it maybe because i am always in a rush to do things for my little ones. Having two active toddlers in tow is not that easy you know, much more on a winter.

Here's a picture of winter in our place........but that was taken last year. 

i will try to take more pictures one of these days while the snow is still very whity and fluffy.

If you live in a very wintery area i hope you will stay warm and enjoy the day even it is is cold. I know the feeling when eveything is dark and grey because that is usually the weather in our place when it is winter. I am always wishing for sun to shine everyday. 

Happy Friday!

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