Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Yes! my header is so summery. That is beauty of summer in Poland. Polish landscapes is one of the best I know in the whole wide world :-)

I love Polish summer especially if your in the countryside, you can actually see the changing of the season.

It is winter now here. As in super cold! in Polish ZIMNO!

bardzo zimno! brrrrr!

There is wonderful beauty of  winter.  like this pictures...

this was taken last Sunday on a very frosty day yet sunny.

look at all the branches of the trees...all are frost and the radiantly blue.

This is surreal.

That is winter. It is not only about being cold and feeling bored but there is a magical excitement and view in winter.

I always believe that snow is such a magical event. That is my first impression of snow being born in a tropical country, winter for me is magic! (wink)

By the way, all pictures were taken by a mobile phone while hubby is having his usual Sunday visit to father's tomb.
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