Friday, February 18, 2011

and so I miss her ( a repost)

Friday, February 18, 2011
She left and I left, the best relationship I ever had ended, well not quite, but yeah I did...somehow...
She told me that she will never tired of loving me and that made me cry a little more, almost every minute I think of her, and I wonder how on earth will I ever survive...away... away from her and from all of them. 
Well such a strong person like her can't be put down by such a simple challenge of distances and friendship... I think.  

She loved me, conditionally unconditionally. 

It's hard to say but one thing for sure she really loved me.  And she loved everybody I love, my friends and of course my family. 

Such a weird kind of friendship one might say, amazing for some, and some are bothered as well... of all the things I've lost of the past few years and having her in return was worth it.  She became my strength and I became hers.

A Psychiatrist once said, you allow other people to touch you little and to hold on to you, you let them love you, for it uplifts and inspires their soul. 

I do not know if I am making sense, it is all random thoughts anyway... I miss her so much!

I miss hanging with her in our favorite spot under that magnificent bridge, talking to her before sleeping, eating, going out with her, exchanging opinions over some issues, talking to her over a cup of coffee or over her wonderful version of hot chocolate drinks, watching our favorite movie together.  I miss her terribly.  I miss her once glowing smiles.

I miss my bestfriend........ soon we will be together under that bridge again perhaps or at london bridge or golden bridge...our dream meeting place again

But then, we never know when will we meet again........we know it will come, in God's own time. 

(reposting this from my old blog site)
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