Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday son!

Monday, March 28, 2011
Sun is cheering up a bit nowadays, which means spring is taking ground. Love it when the sun is shining all day long.

The past few days was spent resting, thinking and sewing some clothes for summer. Not that exciting though. 

 My son just turned 2 years old last March 18 but we celebrated it a week after since I just had operation and i couldn't do a lot of things. So we postpone the celebration though my mom in law prepared something on that day, so we had a quiet celebration at home with just family. Last Saturday, we officially celebrated his day with few close friends. It's not a grand party though but something he would remember forever. Birthdays just happens once a year and so it has to be celebrated no matter how. Importantly, you remember that day and we shown him how special he is into our lives.  

Of course my little girl Izabela is as well enjoying. She likes happy celebrations and she can't wait to celebrate her 4th birthday soon.

I like this picture of both of them. I can't help but teary eyed how they grew so very fast. Time flies so fasst indeed. I can no longer recall the last time i post their baby pictures here. Now they are grown ups.  They are the source of our joy and our life's angels. Whatever their if's and but's, they are still adorable to me because they came from me and they are made out of love.  They are bundles of joy that i woud not trade for anything.

Happy 2nd birthday Son!

in one of the parenting site i saw a mom writing a letter to her son, so was inspired to do the same.

here's a letter for you hope you will and can read this in the future.

Dearest Son Jan,

It seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital, and now you are my little man. Your father and I were very nervous at the prospect of being parents . It did not strike us until you and ate Izabela arrived - and then it hit us. I must say, your father took to being a dad pretty quickly; it was almost like he had been a dad all his life! But I was overwhelmed by this new responsibility. To care for this tiny life for the rest of my life! Was I ready for it?

It took a while for me to come to terms with the fact that I was a mother and was going to be one forever. But today after two years of looking back, I cannot help but smile. It is a feeling of fulfillment beyond words. Although I am still not sure if I am a great mother, I feel that I have done some justice to the role.

Every milestone of yours was a kind of personal victory for me. Your first smile, your first word, your first step.... I was just amazed and once again overwhelmed at what a little miracle you are.

As the years passed things started to get very challenging and sometimes I found myself in very difficult situations. The mess you made, the tantrums you threw, and the other millions of naughty things you did really stressed me out. I have agonised over many of the decisions I had to make when it came to discipline. I have had many arguments with your dad. But in time we learnt to parent as a team. We still have our differences of opinion but have learned to listen to each other.

The times I was affected the most was when you were sick with flu, severe diarrhea, pneumonia, ear infections that needs to be operated, frequent visits to the doctor, long days in the hospital, sleepless nights, antibiotics, shots......

Now I have learnt to take things in my stride and deal with them with a calm mind. The one thing that helped me tremendously through the toughest of times was your smile - that 1000 watt glow made me forget everything and realize it was all worth it.

Soon it would be time for you to go to preschool. I have to prepare you as much as I could for your  dreaded first day, but if you cry so much, then I will set down and cried with you. Until you will be fully adjusted to your second home. For sure, i will still cry and get emotional  because I did not want to let go of you but you have to learn to be on your own and be a smart little man.

I just want you to have a lots of fun, enjoy school, make good friends and most of all be a good human being.

We live our life in phases. When one ends, another begins. Change is constant and life is short. So seize the moment and live life to the fullest, have no regrets.

I have learnt so much from you and from your Ate Iza and will continue to do so for the years to come. How to forgive, how to love unconditionally not expecting anything in return, how to be innocent, how to enjoy the small things in life, how to be carefree…. The list is endless.... Thank you! You have made my life worthwhile! God bless you!

Kocham cię ( i love you),

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