Thursday, August 18, 2011


Thursday, August 18, 2011
Sun, sea, blue sky, great foods,  good friends and family makes summer complete. 

Some peeks of our summer holiday in the seaside/lakeside of Poland. Particularly in Mścice, Poland. It is 12 hours away from our home. We drove from our place in Katowice to Poznan for about 5 hours straight. Then Poznan to Kołobrzeg.
So the map below shows our trip from home to the places we've been to. 

Red arrows shows our the first place we visited..that is Poznan. About 5 hours trip from our place in Katowice. Driving there is not a problem actually. Roads are good, not so traffic. We stayed at my friends place for two nights and we all head to Kołobrzeg. Particularly in the place of Gościno since we will be attending the annual Filipino Summer Gathering, where I am one of the main organizer of this yearly event. It was a battle of decision some months before the said event since driving there with two small kids isn't a joke. 

The blue arrows shows our trip going to Gościno, Kołobrzeg.  That is another 5 hours drive from Poznan. It was a very rainy day. But i like to drive when it is raining. Though quite slippery on the road but much better than having a very hot or warm temperature when driving.

Going back home, A friend invited us to stay for their place even for just a night before heading back home. 

So from Kołobrzeg we drove another 8 hours to Łodz. Another big city in Poland. I felt so surreal walking on the old streets of Łodz. So enchanting for me.  The old architecture, buildings, the old streets  of Łodz  alone says the history of the place. The manufactura, my friend said is one of the biggest shopping mall in europe. Formerly a textile factory owned by rich Polish family.

We didn't take pictures around Łodz. Enough to store it into our memory the beauty of the place. Makes me want to go back to the place again soon. This time I want to take more pictures of the place. Truly a place of history and culture. Łodz is truly a european city. Just by walking in the old streets, you will feel the true european settings.

Łodz old streets via,262146,21.html?0 

And here is the beauty of Mścice and Mielno, Poland

Mścice is a small town of Kołobrzeg with lake Jamno on the side. We settled on the place beside Lake Jamno. Place is a sanctuary for a tired soul like me. Fishing on the lake, boating going to the next town or to the seaside is such a wonderful adventure.

The place where we stayed for some days. Our host is a Norwegian national married to a Filipina (my friend bernadette). They have a lovely house with hollanderski houses on the side.  We stayed in one of their cottages. The kids love it since just so intimate for a family like us. But much more they love swimming on the pool.

Sunset by the lakeside is wonderful. 
So pity I didnt take a lot of pictures in this area. I had no time since friends came before and on my birthday to celebrate with me. So most of the time just catching up with friends till wee hours of the morning, drinking for the very first time after giving birth to two kids.

 I miss the place so much. The serenity of living nearby the lake and sea. The fresh winds and sounds of the waves. City life really bores me a lot. Sometimes I need this kind of place to unwind and to just be myself.

Summer would be over soon I know.........and that makes me sad :-(

more ...........

Me and kids with our my friend Bernadette.

It is freakinly cold windy day. So i have to wear my jacket with me.

 and here is me, trying another jumping shot.

my daughter find this shot funny and annyoing. She said, next time mom don't do that again. you look so funny! .


Filipino and Polish friends around the area came to visit us for a cup of tea of coffee but turned out into another extension of our grill party. 

my dear husband with the teenagers except my little boy Jan.

Serious discussion is going on at this picture with Leif our Norwegian friend and like a big brother to me, Kuya Ziggy who's wife is also a Filipina.

and the girls........... goofing around the veranda.

Me and Kuya Ziggy. He's like my second dad here in Poland. love you kuya!

More pictures and stories in the next postings...............


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