Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summery blouse

Sunday, August 14, 2011
I know summer is almost over but i do not want this summer to end without sharing some of the recent things I made. 

I uploaded over at burda site my own version of Chie's tutorial, Summer Blouse over at Icandy handmade blog.  You can find the link here

Yey!  ( nervous and blushing)

First time for me to upload my project in burda since I usually just don't blog about it. This time I promise myself that I have to upload and share what i made.  

I am that shy you know :-D exactly I do not have that confidence to share what i made and what I can do.

I do not know why. This time I have to be brave enough. 


I get most of my confidence now from other sewing bloggers and from my friends. And most especially inspired by hubby to do my best and try until I learn the trick of the trade.

That summery blouse I uploaded in burda is actually again really inspired by Chie's tutorial HERE. This pretty lady really inspires me in a lot of ways.  


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