Thursday, September 15, 2011


Thursday, September 15, 2011
While I'm blogging this, I could smell the bread that is being bake...we are finally making our own bread. Two weeks ago we bought this bread machine to try baking our own bread at home. The first home made bread was really a hit. So every other day my husband bakes 750g loaf of white bread. 

I think there is somethign special about home-made breads. It taste great & proud to eat the bread knowing you made it yoursel. 


Anyhow, there is nothing special the past days. I really am a bad blogger since I don't update my blog more often now. Mommy duties kicks in most of the time. So later at night I usually end up tired and just wanting to just lie down in the sofa or read books to relax myself. But yeah, i have to regularly blog to actually amused myself.  I hope!

It seems, autumn is soon here. And I am hoping snow will not fall very very soon.  I always pray for sunshine every waking days...more sunshine as in more warm weather.  You know winter here in Poland is terrible though I get used to it now that I am living here for 5 years. Still, we always dream of sunny warm weather. And that makes me reminisce last summer escapade at the seaside part of Poland....Mielno!

here's a wonderful pic of the beach and people worshipping the sun. 

Mielno is part of the city of Kołobrzeg. I live in the tropics half my life so I don't appreciate much worshipping much the sun though I love sunny warm weather but soaking myself in the sun the whole day is not a joy for me. I'd rather stay in the shade, i still get the same sunheat. I had enough melatonin in my skin so getting a tan isn't a good idea for me. If your asian and with brown complexion, you know what I mean. 

We had a great time that day in Mielno. It was first time of my children to be in the seaside. So playing in the sand is really a fun time for them.

This guys running equipment really does wonders when he runs. I just forgot what the name of this.

And this is the view of Mielno from the lake side. 

Whatever happens in Mielno, stays in Mielno.

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