Thursday, September 08, 2011

More & my birthday celeb:-)

Thursday, September 08, 2011
And so, cold is kicking in. I could feel it. The crisp air is blowing my head while walking on the way to the nearby shop today to buy some meat for lunch. I couldn't help it but went back inside the house to wear my beanies. NOw, i am suffering from a little headache maybe because I went out of the house after getting myself a warm just blowed dry but usually i like that way. Going of the house still so feeling freshy, not on this cold country of course. 

Nothing special going on with me lately. A little bit busy at home since school time is back for my little  girl. First two days of school is actually doing great. She had fun and excited to be back in school. But this week she has to stay home since she catches some viral infection causing her to have colds, cough and fever. Not too bad actually but she just need to rest and take some medication. I hope she will be ok soon. But then yesterday, i noticed that my little boy catches the colds too. He is starting to cough and sneeze like crazy.  It would be a bad thing for a mom like me because that would mean i have to stay with them most of the time. and be just at home with them. that is boring right? I changed a bit of our routine now at home. At least i have to take a walk with my little boy when my little girl is at school early in the morning and late afternoon. He likes it that way if we are out of home most of the time. He gets to commune with nature and eat so well...appetite really do well if child is expose outside because they tend to be tired adn feel hungry easily for the outside physical activity.  When there is a need for me to run some errands out of home, i have to take him with me.

Other than takign care of my kids...i am trying to keep myself busy by doing some sewing projects, reading a lot, get to meet from time to time my friends out of home.  For sure this cold season will make me more busy sewing my heart out. That  i needed to go to sewing fabric shop to buy some materials for my sewing projects. I wanted to make a dress for this fall. Something like a versatile dress that i can layered up.  

nothing much up to me. anyways more pictures from last summer vacation and my birthday.

cheers!  xxxooo


Blowing my cake :-) wishing for good health, more blessings and more good friends

Filipino foods...mniam mniam!

and me relaxing in the sun...was just too hot for me that day. I didn't get to swim that day since i am way too busy entertaining friends who came just to celebrate with me.

two of my trusted friends here <3 they are like sisters to me..the other one is ate linda with shades on..shes like my mom.the other one is ate luz, she's like a big sister to me.

tres marias

my little boy.enjoying the sun 

lovely flower and the butterfly. of course the blue water in the pool in the background is so inviting. 

the girls enjoying the pool.

my little girl izabela loves swimming when the sun is high and the temperature is warm.

lovely daughter of ate Linda enjoying sending Maria to sleep.

of course, maria is the star of the day. children loves to cuddle her as well as her kittens.

ewelina napping maria <3 cute!

we tried to get a shade for the foods but then it is way too cold in the shade so have it transferred in the sunny side instead. 

Oh yeah! special day would not be really complete without a company of good friends and of course family. 

It was an unplanned celebration actually. I do not usually celebrate brithdays that big..usually just simple celebration with my family. This time friends came to the place where we had our vacation..and became an impromtu celebration. We had a blast! singing, dancing, drinking and more eating of course.

Cheers for another year for me and for good life for all of us!


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