Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Wednesday, January 11, 2012
anything about collars right now fascinates me. I do not know why! maybe because it reminds me a lot of my childhood days wearing peter pan colar dresses and blouses with lacey socks on and over a mary jane shoes.

I grew up in a family of sewers (if you don't know). My grandmother sew a lot for a living, my aunt is a well known seamstress in our town and my mom sew too but she's good in curtain sewing. So imagine my little girl days surrounded with all things sewing related....fabrics, beads, threads, needdles and that old singer sewing machine that I wanted to own right now. The old pedal type one. yey! there is no doubt i will also get my hand into sewing.

Browsing a lot in the net today about collars and collars and collars...i am now officially collar-dict (short for collar addict) what a word. But i am guilty about that. Most of my blouses and dresses right now are with either peter pan collars or just with plain collar.

So today, i found a wonderful work of Paunnet. her version of Megan Nielsen's scallop edge tutorial....

isn't it lovely? so vintagy and chic.

this is one thing i wanted to learn..piping a peter pan collar.

how about this wonderful tutorial of a handmade peter pan collar.

really interesting isn't it? just using a doily.


and if you own different collars like this......

Source: via lys on Pinterest

it would be fun to dress up with different colors and styles of collars.

my peter pan collar obsession as i call it is still not over. Would be back for more collar-dict post. (*wink).

But i am hoping to make my own version soon...can't wait to be back home and get back to sewing.

follow my Pinterest Peter Pan Collar collection here.

Giddy yap!

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