Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Tuesday, January 03, 2012
I would supposedly be blogging yesterday but i catch colds and cough on the new year. So i end up so lazy and not preparing anything to welcome 2012. Good thing though, we celebrated new year ahead with our close family here. We invited them for a lunch at home on a Friday. I didnt manage to cook a lot since Fridays here in Poland is meatless day. I prepared only mushroom pasta, ordered a box of pizza, made maja blanca and manage to baked creamy apricot cake. I  felt already a little uneasy that day. The next day....i was just on my PJ the whole day sneezing, coughing. I hate colds and cough, especially on a new year.  

Anyways, been awhile not posting a lot here. So thinking of moving to a new site..change my blog name and all. For a new look and to inspire me. I want something new this year...really and seriously. 
This year is i think is my YEAR. i hope!

I am counting days and months to be back home again to my country PHILIPPINES! Yes! we would be going home for a  month vacation. A Christmas gift from husband...a very special gift actually. He knows I've been rambling and itchy to be back home. I miz home -  my family and all. The death of my cousin brought a lot of sense to me and to hubby. that i needed to keep in touch with my roots my family while my children are stilll young. He knows how hard of me lately,dealing with homesickness that is why i am not that creative lately. So sooon................exciting! home is where my heart is. 

We are trying to plan everything now for our trip home. This would be first time of my kiddos to be travellling that long. So i need to ask around how they manage to travel with two hyperactive toddlers. Any tips? 
It would be a surprise homecoming too for my parents. I informed already by dear brothers and they are up to the challenge of now telling them. 

So, I am really thinking of changing this site. I think much better for me. I don't want to blog personal things stressful for me. I want something inspiring...something positive and something more creative. We will see.........
Happy new year again!
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