Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spanish bread - (Filipino version)

Thursday, January 26, 2012
Been craving for Spanish bread. This bread or pastry is very popular in our place - Cebu. I do not know why they call this one spanish bread. Maybe there's a spanish influence into this bread. Perhaps the filling made of brown sugar, bread crumbs and butter. It is a sweet bread. So good for coffee and tea time. 
Good thing tough that a friend shared the recipe to me. So i tried it out....




when rolled and ready for baking

after baking... yum yum!
sorry there are no step by step pictures..... at this time it's too tiring for me since I am sick and my little boy too, and the after baking picture didn't even do justice to the sweetness of the bread. Besides, my children can't wait too long to try it so just I just snap few pictures. 

Today, I will be baking another batch. I will post recipe soon. 

edited: 05-02-2012

watch the video below for the step by step procedure on how to make this bread....

Smacznego! (bon appetit)

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