Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Tata -  is a Polish word for Daddy. 

This post today ( i know very late post again! since we celebrated father's day last Saturday here in Poland) still he deserves a post here in my blog. Better late than never anyways.

G, the father of my children. A person I truly trust and I respected a lot. He deserves a gold medal for being a wonderful dad since minute one of my pregnancy. 

He is my confidant, my best friend, my listening ears and my hero. Though there are opposite sides of us but as they say opposites attracts. 

I do not know what to write or how to begin.........i want to describe him how and what he is as a dad to my children. and i think the best word to describe him  is WONDERFUL! Truly he is a wonderful person and a great father to my two lovely children.

Kocham cię!

Happy TATA day!

P.S. The story of my father's day cake is a different story. I'd rather not blog about it. and i think you now was a disaster but still i managed to recover it the last minute. yey!

P.S.S. the TATA word is inspired by Chie's vivat veritas tutorial on fathers day cut out letters.

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