Monday, August 06, 2012


Monday, August 06, 2012
That is not my lucky number or maybe it is.

Nor a wonderful number to win the lottery.

or might be a wonderful number sign told in a horoscope.

That number talks about my age (actually).

I turned 34 (sigh) last Thursday, August 2. 

34 grateful years of...........

gaining new friends in real life and in these social networking world.
trying to be healthy.
inspiring others in my own simple ways.
learning new things.
letting go and realizing a lot of GOOD things in life.
trying to be contented.
meeting amazing people everyday.
being forgiving.
being able to hurdle the trying times.
living this crazy world but still loving life even more. 
always trying to be kind.
happiness and now being a mom and a wife.
having a God and faith who reminds me everyday to appreciate the little things & love life always.
having everyone who has been with me in this life's journey.

Lord, Thank you for this 34 years! for another wonderful life to live with the people I do love best.

The pictures is not taken by me but by my amazing friend who is into photography -Louella Ricardo.
  We baked those cupcakes  and I baked the cake to celebrate my day. 

P.S.S.Our kids are the cutiest! yay!

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