Friday, August 10, 2012


Friday, August 10, 2012
Lately, we are so emotionally stressful about having a house, building a house, moving to a new place or that migrate to a new country. Not so easy for me and my husband this whole roller coaster thing.

Everyday we are praying for a clearer decision, guidance what to do and where to go. A house or a home you call our own is really very important for a married couple like us with two growing kids. They need a healthy environment with no troubles, conflicts from other family members. (did i mentioned here before we live with in laws in a century old house? though they have their own space in the second floor but still not our own and we definitely no much freedom to do things we want) So, I think you know what i mean if you have your own family. This house thing been in our plans and minds for sometime now..........whether to move out, find a new space or build our own. Mind you really draining!  All of these things takes a lot of not only emotions but finances. For now, we can't settle for building at once a new house since we are considering our financial status. We are afraid to get house credits as well.

Anyways, I hope our quest for this ultimate dream of ours would be over soon and we could come up to a decision.  For now, i just keep on keeping my fingers cross and............dreaming, looking at this kind of set up of the house i would wanted to have in the future.(day dreaming!)


This is the kind of house i wanted to have....simple, minimalist, vintage looking (where i could put all my vintage collections) and spacious.

 It's a Swedish apartment..i forgot where I got this pictureS but I saved this for longer time now in one of my folders. If any of you knows what site this pictures posted, please do let me know so i can link back. 

Happy day to all!

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