Friday, August 17, 2012

Secret garden

Friday, August 17, 2012
The last post was about our house issues. It becoming our greatest dilemma. I do not want to deal and think about it more often now. The more we think about it,  the more stress ourselves out. So, we are hopeful that we could get through all this and come up with a wise decision. 

 For now we are rehabilitating an old neglected garden. My husband own this lot since he was single. He bought the lot from a cousin. There was a house, a very old house in the lot before but was put on fire by some drunkards who hanged out on the area. Last summer, it was put on fire again. (It is another story and issue actually that i don't want to tackle anymore.) Other than the the super sunny summer weather triggered or causes the dry bushes to lit fire. It takes us some days to put the fire off so it will not go to other neighbors place and garden. 

This is a  big lot, ideal for a family house with growing kids. Situated in an interior portion of our village so it is really a peaceful area. We neglect this place for longer years. So my husband cleaned this whole area, asked a tractor driver to take off all the wild grasses, weeds there. Today, it looks better than before. There are fruit bearing trees there like apples, pears, cherries and walnut trees. Ideal place to make it a secret garden, a perfect place to stay during hot summer days under those trees. But still needs trimming of the grasses and so weeds will not grow quickly. We tried to ask friends around what to do. One advised us to consult a professional gardener or that put pavers along some areas. A close friend in America told us about putting pavers especially on the pathways before putting a patio on one area of the lot. We searched for paver, garden installer in our area but stumbled upon this San diego pavers at So, i told my husband that we should have our garden or lawn installed that way. I want a clean lay-out, cleaned and relaxing looking lawn. A garden that I can enjoy with my children and when we have guest to entertain.  We have a close friend here, we visited them last summer and we saw the their  lawn is well taken cared of and pavers, pathways installed like that of about installitdirect. Thought of asking them who is the installer or what company they hired to do their lawn and have our lot done by a professional.

They have a wonderful garden actually. A secret heaven for them. They have a relaxing site like watching their collection of swans & ducks swimming. 

 A safe kids playground.

 This place is the favorite of my little girl. She said, this is her palace and this rock is her throne.
*Insert smile here

We might not be able to have our secret garden very soon but at least we have an idea now what to do and how to do it. 

That secret garden of our friend in Łodz is a great inspiration.

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