Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mobile blogging

Thursday, September 13, 2012
There is no update yet on my last sewing project.

It is second week of my children to be back in school so most times right now are spent house cleaning or enjoying my time without kids either day dreaming of a newly found sewing pattern, learning new sewing techniques, reading blogs or mostly being lazy doing nothing. I know it's a bad habit. Other than that, i have hard time now setting infront of the computer for if i started to sit in usually end up sitting there for hours..and a lot of hours wasted.

Recently, i've found a great way to still updates blogs ( maybe i am too behind of this techy thing again) through mobile blogging . It is a great alternative to update blogs and still on the go with what you are doing. A mobile website creator at gives a great option to still keep in touch with readers instantly since most people nowadays are either using a mobile smartphone or a tablet. A mobile website is exactly a great alternative for a busy mom/blogger like me. The fact that the site still supports my existing content management system with a specialized plugin for  blogger, I'll make this a try and by also keeping myself in touch with mobstac updates. I can even customize my mobile website anytime i wish to. The easy sharing of my mobile content through social networking like twitter, facebook & youtube directs is a plus using mobile blogging. And, this  mobilization of technology is not only a trend but this is what life all about now. Fast, easy & reliable access to everything and anything. So here i am signing up a mobile blog!

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