Thursday, September 13, 2012

Petition for better BURDA Magazine

Thursday, September 13, 2012
 I don't claim myself as a professional sewer since I am still learnign the trick of the trade. But i am so passionate about it. It takes a lot of effort and money for this hobby, if you don't know. So today, I am in one with the other sewers to improve burda magazine so it will be worth the money we are paying in every issues. I think readers and sewing enthusiast like me deserves a better sewing magazine and quality content for any sewing skill level.

Here in Poland, the magazine is sold at most 12pln. That is too much for magazine but since I like this hobby a lot so I am subscribing though I still can't understand full the polish language. Other than that, they are selling other easy burda magazine for beginner / intermediate skill level where in fact you can still see the content or patterns in the same main burda magazine. I know why they have to do that for better audience or market but for it is only such a wonderful marketing strategy. No wonder a lot of sewing hobbiest supports independent pattern designers. For the are more affordable and with better pattern instructions and content. Sorry but this is all true.

I hope you will do support the petition too if your a sewing enthusiast like me. Please click link below....

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