Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Polish Autumn

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Snow came too early here in Poland. It snowed like crazy. Only my kids are happy about it. And said, it's  Christmas! The happiest season of the year for my kids and for me.

 I don't know. I used to like it when it snow. It's a magical thing. Though i still do amazed by it's beauty. Now, I don't like it especially when no stopping.

I am longing for the weather back in the tropics. (sigh)

It is still officially Autumn actually. I tend to like Autumn by the way. The mosaic of colors....just so romantic for me.
 Here are some pictures when I went for a walk with my close friend Beata......

 After, we head out to our favorite cafeteria and bakeshop for a cup of coffee, and found this car cake which my son been wanting for on his birthday.

The name of the bakeshop is DANUTA located in Szarlej beside the Basilica in Piekary Sląskie.

They are my favorite bakeshop in our city.

More Autumn snowy pics next time...
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