Friday, November 23, 2012

Sureau Dress Sew-along: Fabric

Friday, November 23, 2012
I know! too late for me to post the fabric that i will be using for my Sureau dress.
Better late than never anyway.
my mind was debating whether to use the first fabric with yellow,violet, green flower print or the orange flower print.

end up, choosing this fabric which is 100% cotton for the Sureau dress. So summery and lively color.

closer look of the fabric. Isn't it lovely?
 I found this seller referred by fellow sewing bloggers here in Poland. Then, I realized their shop is just nearby our place. So,  went personally to visit the shop and I am so happy seeing so many fabric all over the place.  The name of the fabric shop /seller in is PIEGATEX

If you happen to be near my area of Poland, you can visit their shop in the address below:

ul. Bema 1
41-902 Bytom

Sklep firmowy:
ul. Wałowa 4
41-902 Bytom

 More list of fabric shops here in Poland as posted HERE by Monika Magdalena.

 So, what happened now to my Sureau dress? I'm on my way to success of sewing this dress. Just got no much updates the past days for I am so occupied with family stuffs. I hope to get to sew and finish the dress next week. I maybe behind in the sew-along schedule but I am learning along the way and keeping track on things I need to learn and master.

Have a nice weekend!

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