Monday, December 10, 2012

The book: Mama dookoła świata

Monday, December 10, 2012
Quick note for today:

Remember this post  SNEAK PEEK?

 It is because they featured me in a book about moms' around the world. I talked about being a Filipina mom living in Poland. The book is exciting but at the same time i am a bit nervous what the readers reaction about what i talked there. I just said about my experiences being a Filipina, our culture, traditions and what i practiced/adapted  at our Polish home.

If your in Warsaw area tomorrow or living in nearby Warsaw please do drop by in Empik Junior for the book signing and launching of the book Mama dookołą świata by Ofelia Grzelińska (Mama around the world).

See pictures below for the exact address and a little about the book....

I hope you will grab a copy and let me know..though the book is all in Polish language but maybe in the future there would be copies in english.

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