Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Homemade Orangette

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Oranges are in season. I love orange so much. There's something about that orange colors and the orange fruit actually.  For me, wearing such color makes me more happy and cheerful. It ignites my moods and gives me more energy.

When it comes to the fruit, I love to freshly squeeze them and made them into fresh orange juice for my brunch or for an afternoon drink. Really wonderful to match with waffles or pancakes too. What a celebrity this fruit is.

Weeks back, a friend inspired me to make some Orangette. It's a candied orange peels.  She's been making some through a popular Youtube tutorial HERE and she made some video responses HERE . While shopping for some fresh fruits, I saw pretty fresh big oranges and thought of why not try that orangette -orange peel thing. 

 * see that's how giddy am I sometimes....common! I love oranges. My love affair of this fruit started when I one boring day I felt so sad. So I cut them into wedges and sip there pulp and juices, threw the skins... until I get the hanged of it sipping. Imagine me sipping them as fast as I can, as If I am trying to bet in the Guinness world record.LOL! And voila! I don't feel bored anymore. That's how weird I am sometimes. But don't blame the hormones this time..... ask my mum!  


So, here's my version of that ORANGETTE.

I made some chocolate coated ones too, But stroke of fate, they're the best seller. So, before I could take pictures of them, they're gone in an instant. My kids and friends love the chocolate coated ones.The taste of chocolates and orange when mixed together is just so perfect. An orgasm right on time. Right after, I put them in a recycled jars. (note: I have a lot of jars at home, I like to recycle things and make them useful again). 

I will make more next time in different flavours. Maybe, I'll try cinnamon, mint, white chocolates, vanilla or whatever flavours comes to mind.

Want one?

I'll spare you some........Bye!


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