Sunday, June 30, 2013


Sunday, June 30, 2013
June would be over soon. But doesn't mean everything would be over in here. As much as I wanted to update this blog but real life situations hits me to the core.Pretty busy this month for family / personal affairs and health reasons.

Nevertheless, these month....

Watched my daughter danced in their last dance class performance.

School year is over and......My sweet students makes me teary eyed for that simple gesture of gratefulness - a sweet pink rose Thank you Magda, Julia, Kamil, Sławek, Daniel, Michał and Maksym for once you become part of my life's journey here in Poland.

....has to bid goodbye to these wonderful teens. My pre-Intermediate English class. I'm a bit sad for they are amazing teenagers and eager to learn the English language. I made each of them a letter of how grateful I am for being part of my life here in Poland and for accepting me as I am. For sure, they won't forget my crazy Polish jokes in English that given them hard time to laugh..for I have to explain to them a million times before they get it. LOL ( Michał, Maksym and Daniel aren't in the picture)

Julia, Olga & Kinga (not in the picture) are  in my young learners  English class. They are pretty wonderful student to work with. Talented and smart little girls. They challenged me in a way...tested my patience and energy. I love these kids. In the pic it shows how fascinated they are with the new cartoon craze monster high...I allow them a little time to do what they want when our activity is over.

My two darlings are the best! I can't imagine my life without them. This month, they shown me more how grown ups they are when I witness them performed on stage with confidence and such talented for their school year end performance.

I love peonies.  They smell so wonderfully and pretty in their own way.

Beds of daisies are signs of Spring and Summer.They made me happy and grateful.
Stepping onto a greener surrounding after a cold one is actually relaxing.Sorry for that mess up shoes..I just love them even if they are old but they accompany me for my afternoon walks.
And being sick and in the hospital again isn't a wonderful experience. I vow not to be there again. Never!

June might be over soon but Summer here isn't over yet. Summer is just starting here in this part of the world, and I'd like to spend it wisely this time. 

For readers of my blog, It's time to update your reader. Google reader will retire this July 1 after 8 years of serving.  So, found great one like FEEDLY and BLOGLOVIN  I'll be available via both readers. Feedburner is still doing well though.

Feedly:  Easy integration with Google Chrome and Firefox, as well as good apps for iOS and Android. You can import your Google RSS reader with one click.
 Bloglovin:  Easy to import and faster load time than Google reader. But then, I have hard time claiming my blog in here. There are issues with some of my html's or whatever that I needed to email for support to claim my blog. However, I'm using bloglovin for sometime now for the blogs I love to read everyday. 

I know there are lots of readers out there and feel free to use it to read your favourite blogs and my blog for sure.

So, this is these month's summary. See you July! 

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