Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tutu skirt & Sosnowiec Szyje (Sosnowiec Sewing Club)

Saturday, June 15, 2013
 A lot of sewing projects are filing up at this time. I have to find time real time soon to at least finish one sewing project a week.  Blame this unpredictable Polish weather. It sucks!  It rains most of the time here in our side of Poland. I won't complain anymore though.

Last May, I made this somewhat tutu like skirt. 

The story behind this.... Originally it's a maxi skirt given by an Aunt 7 years ago. But I don't know what gotten into my mom's head when she sent some of my stuffs from Philippines that she reap this off and made into a pregnancy dress that I don't like. So, I refashioned it to like this now.....A tutu!

 I need a killer heels on this. *wink!

Thinking of putting some lace ribbon on the hemline. I think it will look great. What do you think?

And, I have to find a great occasion to wear this tutu thing.

By they way, sewing clubs are getting popular now here in Polandia. 

I'm glad! (clapping hands)

In fact, I found one that at least could relate to my passion and hobby - sewing. Of course my dear sewing blogger friend LONG RED THREAD introduced me this sewing club Sosnowiec Szyje. So, makes me giddy and without much hesitation I hop in to their Facebook page and join. I'm IN! Hoping some sewing bloggers and sewing fanatic there could relate to me or actually could speak English to me though. It would also be a wonderful idea for me learn the Polish language. I hope I could meet some of the member in person. That would be great! Sit with them in a cafe sharing our thoughts about sewing and crafty stuffs. So, if your in Sląsk area and would like to be part of this sewing club. You may visit the facebook page HERE.
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