Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bytom Flea/Antique Fair - Bytomski Jarmark Staroci

Sunday, August 04, 2013
Day after my birthday, I went with a good friend to this place in Szombierki district in Bytom, Poland, particularly in ul. A.F. Modzewskiego 3 for there's once a month flea/antique market fair there. They named this here : Bytomski Jarmark Staroci" means Bytom's Antique Fair. This is such a fascinating place for me and for those are collecting old antique./vintage things and collectors of different things like coins, money, paintings, canisters, tea pots, tea sets, jewelries, silver wares, furnitures and or anything old, name it you can see it all there. 

sellers usually come by cars.

sometimes old parts of things u have in the house u can find it in such flea markets

such old sewing machine reminds me of my grand mother who used as such.

old phones always interesting to my eyes.

old medals..we purchased one for a friend who wants one.

This phone works fine with me.

and this man cursed me for I took picture of him without asking, But I'm used to that kind of people here for some aren't really accommodating. If you understand what he wrote there on his instrument that he needs something like money to buy medicine. Some of them just pretending actually. so, I do understand why he cursed me after for I didn't give him anything. Sorry dude! such a lame marketing doesn't work for me and especially if you utter the word "kurwa" pisses me off completely.

Tea set, old cheese board and others are nice collector items.

old handmade paintings like this is quite nice to display somewhere in the house.

Cross stitched and framed items are among interesting for me too and if your into handmade things like me.

old phones are so fascinating to me..much more if its colours are red or green. Then in the next block I really did find some green and red ones but aren't too old.

If you don't know, I like time/clocks and hand clock like that sort. I'm trying to collect..i don't know why but maybe because I value time so much. I almost purchase one of it there but way too much of my budget.

mountains of crocheted items.

My friend Loe is eyeing onto this old calendars because of the wonderful pictures, for she's into photography as well.

i like the set of wall plate decor. Oh, why I didn't mind that yellow tea cup.

AND! for my flea/antique finds?

here goes..........

Old wall plates for display.

Winter scene. at the back it says : Winter in Franken

Another wall plate in AUTUMN scene in Franken / Franconia, Germany. An city somehwere in Bavaria.

What I love about this scene is the pastel colours used. Just wonderful winter scene for me.  Happy and full of tranquility. Now, I miss winter. yey!

Made in ITALY particularly in Rome. So that makes me more like this plates.

Old crocheted table napkins.

Old Russian alarm clock (in which they told me made of a poisonous heavy metal in case you want to eat it. hahaha! and an old metal/lead carved cat. 

Way too hot yesterday for such a trip and walking for some hours, may not be ideal but hey! we enjoyed our flea market trip and much more what we've got.

Tips If you want to go to such places:

1. Plan your trip. Know the area ahead, where to park and if there's a free parking or if you need to pay some hours for just parking. In that place, there are few free parking spaces but better park where you you pay minimal amount like 5złoty for your whole day there for your car is safe.

2. Make a budget and stick to it. Before going know your budget. How much cash/money you would like to bring. And mind you, no credit / debit card allowed there. So, bringing in cash and in loose coins are advisable.

3. Haggle if you can. Yes! this is one expertise I've got now after few trips and travels in such places. I know how and when to haggle for the best price. Of course, within your budget.

4. Bring water and other healthy snacks. When you don't know how many hours you will spend so better bring some snacks with you especially water for it tends to be so hot and thirsty for you really get to walk from block to blocks. Though, you can buy some foods in the area but some are way too pricey.

5. Wear comfortable clothes. That I can't understand where some people going there are like going to a runway show..wearing so high heeled shoes. Hey, you aren't going to a ramp. Your going to walk in a  not so pleasant surroudings, roads and dirts. So better wear comfortable shoes like flat ones, rubber shoes, knickers and or slippers. Clothing are another story. Wear where you feel it is easy for you to maneuver things for you get to swim in a variety of people in all full odors and ages. So light clothing on summer days and another comfortable ones on cold months are great. Wearing bags not so attractive for pickpocketers is also advisable and as always be cautious of you surroundings.

6.  Take your time. For you to get what you wanted plan of course ahead what you want to see there and want to collect and take your time in selecting for there's not only one seller might be selling the things you wanted, usually they are lot of them from professional ones to just low leveled ones.

7. Bring your camera. It is always fascinating to take candid pictures of things you see and of different people you met along the way. But of course, ask first if they want pictures to be taken for mostly doesn't like you to take pictures of them.

8. Go there early.  Usually such fair starts around 7:00 am so going there early is great for you tend to find good parking space and you can plan what block to start walking. Though, we noticed that going to such place in the midday is also great for some prices are lowered down when the fair is about to end.

I think those are few tips and advises from me, if you wanted to go such flea markets and most of all enjoy your trip with your friends who are into the same passion of yours. For I'm telling you it is really hard to go with someone who aren't into such likings/passion like yours. You will end up pressured, in a hurry to select, tired and not enjoying your flea market date.
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