Thursday, August 08, 2013

The 37 degrees celsius weather ...

Thursday, August 08, 2013
I don't exactly know what to blog today for I'm feeling a little melodramatic today. All I know is that today is one of the hottest summer we are experiencing here now in Poland.  Temperature reaches to 37 degrees Celcius to 39C. Whew! That's quite too much sun and heat for Polish standard.  No wonder most locals here trying to find the chilliest place to stay or that dress light as much as they can...some almost naked just to keep up with the heat.  I for one is into the groove to fight the summer heat. Not naked though! bleeeh!

Still my birthday month. I had the simplest birthday this year as I always wanted that way. Last year, celebrating it somewhere while vacationing with family and for 5 consecutive years, I celebrated with mostly close friends throwing a party for me of which is so flattering because mostly I do make surprises to friends and family for their special day.

Few more weeks from now would be September and that makes me excited, which means as well summer would be over and that we have to endure the long cold months again. My amore always reminds me to enjoy the summer and that we should not complain about the weather for surely this kind of warmness will surely be missed in the coming months.  That is true.

This months makes me busy a bit in preparation for the school opening. My little girl would be entering proper school - 1st grade.. Can you imagine that? The first time I blogged about her here when she was still inside of me and now she's 6 years old happy little girl. She is excited to explore her new world in school but at the same time she is a bit nervous.  I know such excitements.

This is Izabela at 6.....

such an innocent face and getting smarter everyday.

she likes to wear high heeled shoes . What would it be in 10 years. yay!

She's blowing love to everyone...

and she likes to always have that long hair with a bangs and refused to cut it.

Wherever you are in this world, enjoy your weather and every moment of it. 

Always remember, when all else fails, occasionally go back to basicsBuild your foundation. practice your skill and build your craft.  And today is just one of my many boring , monotonous summer days. Yet, I realized I forgot to remind myself about going back to the basics when things aren't the way I want it. For I easily get frustrated, impatient when a certain project I'm working on fails in some ways. I easily get discouraged lately when I see that with all the things I'm planning and preparing is far from finishing and perfection.  For sometimes, I expect too much and that I don't have the confidence of.

Will I blame the 37 degrees celsius weather again for feeling this way?



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