Thursday, September 12, 2013

Babka Rodzywkowa - Raisin Cake

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Been wanting to try this simple easy to bake recipe of 'babka rodzywkowa' or raisin cake in English. Good thing though, that a close friend gave me her recipe of this simple yet yummy Polish cake. Which is great for tea and coffee time with the family and friends. 

So lately, been tremendously busy.  Too many guests to entertain in the house..too much time conditioning my little ones minds for school time. And so, this quick easy to bake babka save some of my tea time preparation for friends. And, my children already knows how and what to do next with less supervision of me.  It's a super moist cake and great pair over a cup of coffee or tea.  


 3 szklanki mąki ( 3 cups of flour)
1 szklanka cukru ( 1 cup of sugar)
1 kostka margaryny ( 1 cube of margarine like 250g)
5 jajek  ( 5 eggs)
30 dkg. rodzynek  ( 30 ounces of raisins/sultanas)
1 szklanka mleko  ( 1 cup milk)
1 proszek do pieczenia ( 1 sachet of baking powder)
1 cukier waniliowy( 1 sachet of vanilla sugar) or you can use vanilla extract like 1 tsp.

Wykonanie: Margarynę utrzeć z cukrem i cukren waniliowym. Dodać zółtka, mąkę z proszkiem do pieczenia, wlać mleko, dodać rodzynki i na końcu ubitę pianę z białek. Piec 1 godz. w temperaturze 180c.

How to: 
Cream the margarine and add sugar and vanilla sugar.  Add egg yolks, flour with baking powder, pour the milk, add the raisins and beat the egg whites until stiff.  Mix the egg whites to the flour mixture and mix until blend together. Bake for 1 hour in 180 degrees celcius oven. Of course, preheat your oven before putting your cake mixture. 


P.S. picture was taken from my instagram account. Yes! i join the bandwagon of instagramners for my blog and to follow my fellow bloggers who likes to bake, cook and do creative things like me. 
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