Friday, September 27, 2013

Where Am I?

Friday, September 27, 2013
Am I still here? 


Are you still there?

Been awhile not blogging. Life is extremely busy with the real world. There is more things to think about and should be given prior attention than here in the bloggging world. Yet, I still do visits most of the blogs I like to read and that inspires me whenever I get the chance. Just that, lately I need to make a whole new twist to my life. Live in the moment and enjoy every chances. 

There comes a point during my absence that I wanted to disappear in the blogging scene and delete everything in here....However, I learnt to reconcile with myself.  Said, this is still my ground to express whatever things I have in mind and like doing for the past years...and the years to come.  Today I'm enjoying such euphoria that is hard to explain. This is more favorably giving me joy, peace and tranquility.  My vitamin of my everydays.

Am I in love? 

I'm always in love with everything..with life and with every single thing that I'm experiencing. The whole network of bloggers for instance guided me and giving me so much inspiration when it comes to living life. It associated me to a whole new level of living and being more passionate with what your and I am doing.  

Am I sick?

Nope! sickness is far from my vocabulary right now. Been on a second surgery last July which prompt me to do proper caring and resting. That explains as well my absence here. Then, we're all very glad that I get over with it and my doctor told me that I'm now a 'zdrowia kobieta' - healthy woman. 

What's new?

Currently working still on that small projects I've mentioned here. Hopefully, I could get my hands again working on them and at least accomplished one set of them.  Just that, time is always running and mostly spends with my children.  I can't hardly breathe sometimes...that sometimes I really needed a full week break just being me...and me alone  ( i know somebody will react to this). *wink!

Then, insanely trying to master the the Polish language. This would make me insane.  

*pulls hair! 

unfortunately by the category of learning languages and based from a study lately, Polish language still emerged as number 1 complicated and very hard to learn language in the world. Why you Polish likes to complicate things? Like when you try to learn the basic Polish ABC's you will encounter already hard letters to pronounce and read with. And in this portion of their alphabet... I J K - when read in Polish and if a Filipino (especially ones speaking my local language which is Cebuano) heard it, it will sound pretty silly.  Don't ask me anyways.  LOL! I guess you get what I mean.

What's new? 

Nothing new. Been just so tough months for me.  Always out of home and enjoy summer as much as we could.  Now that it's officially Autumn, time to scrub a little cobwebs into this blogsite and then create something new or that writing something interesting.  I promised myself not to indulge into a lot of personal things into my blog. I'll leave it in private and as much as possible do blog only with the things that makes me busy like my arts - sewing, DIY's, knitting, crochetting, photography, baking and cooking...and other form of media.

I believe, there's absolutely a special place for all things personal.

To this day, I'll try my best to blog as much as I could and post my projects in here at least once a week and be more active in writing and blogging. Oh wow! how I miss being in here and how I miss writing with free flowing thoughts in mind.

Be happy always!

Here are few pictures during our summer...enjoy!

lake in Vistula

visited the museum of lace at Koniakow, Poland - my bucket list is to visit this small town here to actually see how this lace making became a culture and tradition in this area of Poland. I met the old lady who actually into this lace making for longer time now.

and this is one of her works on display....

some other designs..the other one is an eagle which symbolizes Poland.

lace headpieces, usually wear in a traditional Polish wedding. I fell in love with this me thinking why I didn't think of a Polish wedding..hahah!

a bodice piece that a Polish woman wear as part of their traditional dress. Really piece of art right? the embroidery thing is such a tedious job. It takes me too much time looking at this so I better snap a pic to enjoy this at home anytime.

you can enjoy a boat ride around the lake and go for some fishing..this is just located near the our apartament we've rented. However, we didn't try renting for not quite amusing for us. I just enjoyed the colors of the plastic boats.

somewhere in another very small town in the mountain.

an old library and a city hall of the town Wisła or Vistula

piece of handmade toys put in exposition at the museum

some headpiece women wear before to tuck in their bun. How clever isn't it? 

The President's palace ring on top of the mountain

A colorful peasant chicken at the Leśny Park in Ustron

A bison, that is snobbish and smelly.  Sorry dude but I like you actually.

Taking picture of an old satchel bag at an old traditional house somewhere in Ustron, Poland.

an entrance to the public WC of the town..makes me giddy for it's flowery and greenish entrance. Though, we have to pay 1.50zl just to use their WC.worth it anyways.

Our everyday afternoon walk in a nearby park with a tennis court on the side and many lovers to my amusement.

Me and son, enjoying touching the real fawn. They're really pretty  in person and I didn't know they're that friendly. We can feed them as well. And the silly me wearing a wrong shoes in the forest.

one of our evening walks when the that full moon begins to appear, then makes me think of people I love but they are far from me.

this goat i love to take home...oh wait, is this a goat? LOL

and eating my hearts out with this Polish first meal on that 1st day.

that the Presidents Palace

houses and apartaments for rent in the area.

the vistula river

The Niagra fall version in Wisła

the centrum

quiet place inside the compound of the Palace of the President

 joining people, that's what that chair all about. I just love taking picture of this chair...and if you know. You'll understand why.

More pictures next time..

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