Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life is happening right now!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
How amazing is our weather at this time of the year! nice, sunny and warm! I'm rejoicing and hoping it won't snow yet,Please!?

Days, weeks, months passed by so quickly. It would be Christmas once again. I love Christmas actually just that I can't help but miss celebrating Christmas back home. This post would not be about Christmas and stuffs though. But soon, I would be hosting a giveaway here for my readers this Christmas.

 Even though blogging become a set back routine for me at this time, still I'm looking forward for a great time to write and blog about things I'm up to. Lately, there's just so many things I needed to prioritize before sitting in front of a laptop. Good thing that mobile smartphones comes in handy nowadays to just to check important messages from time to time. Teaching English is in full swing nowadays too, so that makes me as well busy.

I came across my blogsite views, then found out I lost a lot of viewers the past months, not because I don't blog more often as I used to, I suspect it was  the time when I change my url address to polishedai from the one which is dihayco (my maiden name).  Although, I don't aim to be a popular blogger. Sometimes it's  so inspiring to see there are actually people reading, visiting this site. That whatever your writing or sharing in here, somebody out there taking a bit of their time to read or maybe criticized me my views, though I prefer feedbacks. The most, I'd like to share all things positive and inspiring, for I live in such a mantra. Anyhow, I'm super thankful for there are still readers visiting this site. For I thought that nobody dare to drop by. I know my students are checking on me here..hello! at least, they could see the different side of me in this humble blog.... Not the serious type they've always thought on me inside the confines of the classroom.

It's officially winter now in Poland..time changed to winter time. My kids are looking forward for the first snowfall this winter and I also actually pretty feel excited to see the first snow every wintertime. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to post more here....For the time being, I would like to tell you  that I'll be hosting a giveaway here very soon. I hope to really really really finalize everything, then  I could announce it here before Christmas.

Meanwhile, I'm living you with this quote that I'm trying to live at this time to fully enjoy the great essence of life.


so switch off all your gadgets...and enjoy life OUTSIDE your screens, because honestly, I truly do!
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